Now a day's energy market is more dynamic than ever, with demand expected to keep increasing while resources become more diverse and prized, and competition keener.

The energy sector tends to operate in harsh and challenging conditions, often in remote, difficult to access areas. To meet these challenges, companies in the sector must invest in new technologies and geographies while always looking for ways to balance risks and costs.

In the face of these challenges, Energy Companies are redefining their business models with a view to outsourcing more of their non-core activities. In particular, they are looking to logistics suppliers specialized in the sector to gain access to technology and talent, while cutting costs and sharpening their focus on their core business.

At HEIZAR LOGISTICS, we have a global team of oil & gas specialists who understand the industry's needs and concerns and can offer smarter, simplified solutions. They work closely with customers to optimize their complex supply chains and manage logistics costs better, so energy companies can focus on their core activities.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS Group assist Energy Companies to manage logistics strategy and operation across functional areas, including order management, transportation, physical distribution and supply chain security all over the world.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS is a global integrator in energy logistics and able to meet the energy industry's needs with its extensive network, capabilities and experience.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS GROUP provides the full range of logistics services across the supply chain to customers in the energy sector, from oil-to-lab shipment, resupply to capital project logistics, and supply base management, up to rig move management and support.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS strength resides in its custom made services. We treat each client needs in its individuality, which means extensive network in over 6 countries and 4 continents we can help customers access virtually any new market rapidly, anywhere in the world., from the Middle East and the central regions of Russia and the CIS countries, to the most remote oil and gas fields in the South China Sea, off to the coast of India or Sub-Sahara Africa.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS, code of conduct

We pride ourselves on our hard work ethics and relevance to legislation.
We have introduced mandatory yearly training from the board of directors to senior staff and operational staff.
While the opportunities in the oil & gas industry provide room for further growth, the globalizing aspect and emergence of non-traditional markets, both in terms of production and consumption, also means having a clear understanding of the compliance issues in any one country and strict adherence to international laws, policies and guidelines, to protect both ourselves and our customers from damaging issues.

HEIZAR LOGISTICS and affiliates are compliant with international laws covering US and international anti bribery laws.